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Nominations now open for the Inspiring Volunteering Achievement Awards 2018

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Nominations are now open! Is there an individual or even a group within your organisation that deserves an Inspiring Volunteer Award? Then why not consider nominating them. We want to recognise and celebrate as many volunteers as possible!

LOOPS: Help Older People

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We are looking for volunteers to run a helpdesk and helpline for our new LOOPS project. LOOPs' aim is to provide information on activities for older people in Edinburgh. It is a preventative project to get isolated people involved in their communities and benefit from the social support they can provide.

Edinburgh's Volunteering Strategy

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Edinburgh’s new strategy for volunteering ‘Inspiring Edinburgh’s Volunteers – Building on Success 2012-2017’ is now live.

Festival City Volunteers

Over forty volunteers aged 18 to 81 took part, coming together from across Edinburgh’s communities to provide a warm welcome to visitors flocking to key festival sites around the capital.

Membership, Impact Report, Annual Reports & Accounts

By becoming a member of Volunteer Edinburgh you can nominate and elect Board Members, stand as a Board member yourself and vote at our General Meetings.

Volunteering in Edinburgh 2017

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Volunteers have always been at the very heart of the third sector and increasingly the public sector. Without willing volunteers, voluntary organisations large and small would not be able to deliver their services. We are all however working within a landscape that continues to change. This report summaries findings from Volunteer Edinburgh’s annual survey of volunteer involving organisations completed during November and December of 2016 and utilises data from the Scottish Household Survey 2015.

Volunteering While On Benefits

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A range of measures to change the welfare benefits system in the UK are underway. In this page we address many of the frequently asked questions from both volunteers and organisations and provide links to other organisations who can provide advice and support.

Inspiring Volunteering Awards 2017

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Frank Ross, Rt. Hon. Lord Provost of The City of Edinburgh will honour some of the dedicated volunteers who give their time, energy and commitment to the people of Edinburgh at a special awards ceremony taking place at the City Chambers.

Lord Provost's Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2017: Honour Board

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On Tuesday 3 June 2015, The Lord Provost unveiled a new Honour Board he commissioned which lists previous winners of the Lord Provost’s Inspiring Volunteer of the Year Achievement Award since its inception in 2008. And it is intended to add to it each year as new winners are chosen. This board is displayed in the City Chambers. This award is presented at the annual Inspiring Volunteering Awards ceremony.

Everybody's Edinburgh

We are delighted to introduce ‘Everybody’s Edinburgh’ – A Third Sector Manifesto. This is a call to action to candidates in the upcoming local elections to prioritise the wellbeing of Edinburgh’s citizens.

Youth Volunteering in Sacramento

I was so delighted to meet with Paul Wilson, Chief Officer, and Marion Findlay, Director of Services, at the Volunteer Edinburgh offices to discuss areas of mutual interest concerning volunteer management. I’m the city-wide volunteer coordinator for Sacramento, California a city in Northern California that is about the same size as Edinburgh. One of the areas we touched on was the importance of volunteering for youth and teens. That has been an important area of interest for me personally as well as professionally.

Edinburgh TSI Response

Edinburgh Third Sector Interface response to the Scottish Government report “Evaluation of Scotland’s Third Sector Interface Network Model and Voluntary Action Scotland”

North Edinburgh Timebank Promotional Film

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A short film shot at the launch of the North Edinburgh Timebank. Find out about Timebanking in your neighbourhood.

A to Z of Services for Organisations

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Find out about all the services Volunteer Edinburgh offers to organisations in this simple A to Z guide

Announcement of new CEO to Volunteer Edinburgh

The Trustees of Volunteer Edinburgh are pleased to announce that Paul Wilson has been appointed as the next Chief Executive Officer of the charity, and takes up the post with immediate effect.

The Time Bank Temptations

The Timebank Temptations have won a Highly Commended award in the Local Connections section of the Scotland Sings Chorus Awards! Click here for more information.

Equality and Rights Network (EaRN)

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Set up in 2015, the Equalities and Rights Network (EaRN) is a member-led network dedicated to enabling individuals, groups, organisations and communities of interest to work in partnership with public services across Edinburgh and surrounding areas as part of community planning.

Room Booking

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We are now taking bookings for our lovely new conference room!

In the Press

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Links to articles about or written by Volunteer Centre Edinburgh that have appeared in the press.

Supported Volunteering on the other side of the World

We are delighted to share this article from Claire van Loon Sim, the Supported Volunteering Coordinator in “Volunteering Otago” – the local volunteer centre in Edinburgh’s twin city of Dunedin in New Zealand. Clare describes how VCE’s work with volunteers who have mental health problems has been replicated and developed on the other side of the world!

An Inspiring Volunteer - Remembered

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In this blog article Lara talks about an inspiring volunteer from Leith who has sadly passed away

Trustee Survey

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Trustees, Directors, Management Committee members call them what you will but they are vital to your organisations very existence. Recruiting and developing the right people isn't always easy and we want to help.

How Volunteering Has Helped Me

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In this blog article, our new staff member Conor talks about how volunteering helped him do the things he is passionate about.

Christmas Volunteering

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Believe it or not there aren't a lot of Christmas Day volunteering opportunities. This page will discuss why. But volunteering at Christmas doesn't just start in December.... why don't you think about volunteering now?

Volunteer Managers as Visionaries

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In this International Volunteer Managers Day inspired blog article Jean talks about how volunteer managers have become visionaries; achieving more with less resources and responsibilities.


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In this blog article Sandra recounts some of the wonderful stories she's heard while working on the Community Connecting project.

New Film: Volunteering Changes Lives

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Over the past few months we have been working on a short film “Volunteering Changes Lives” which is now complete and available to view

LOOPS Phoneline Launched!

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We've launched a new dedicated phone line for people aged 65 and over living in North West and South East Edinburgh giving easy access to information on a huge range of activities available to them. Call on 0131 603 8311, lines will be open from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday

On the Meanings of ‘Voluntary’ and ‘Volunteering’

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In this blog article Jean talks about true meaning of volunteering and whether unpaid, coerced work for a profit making organisation can be called volunteering.

A Statement on Community Work Placements

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A statement from Volunteer Centre Edinburgh on the new Community Work Placements and their relationship to volunteering.

Returning Joy

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This blog article features a poem "Returing Joy" and a speech given by Jo MacFarlane at the civic reception to celebrate 30 years of the Health and Wellbeing Team

Membership 2014-15

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Become a member of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh. Membership entitles you to have a say in how we are run, to nominate and elect Board Members, stand as a Board member yourself, and vote at our General Meetings

30 Years of Health and Wellbeing Team

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In this blog article Marion looks back over the history of our Health and Wellbeing Team - formed 30 years ago this year!

When Did You Last Say Hello To Your Neighbours?

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In this blog article Lara talks about a lack of community spirit... and what she plans to do about it!

Young Volunteers

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In this blog article Heather talks about all the activities our young volunteers get up to and how volunteering has helped them grow

American Impressions

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In this blog article Jean talks about her visit across the Atlantic and the volunteering she saw in the USA.

Saltire Summit Award Nominations Now Open!

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Nominations are now being requested for the Saltire Summit Award. This award is the pinnacle of the government endorsed Saltire Awards and recognises young volunteers (12-25 years) that have ‘exceeded expectations’. Read on to find out how to nominate an outstanding young volunteer.

Youth Team Go On Tour!

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In January, the Youth Team Drop-In is heading out on tour. Find out where and when.

An Incredible Community Effort from North Edinburgh

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In this blog article Sarah talks about the great show of community spirit from the people of North Edinburgh in the search for missing 3 year old Mikaeel

Young Volunteers 2013 Video

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Our volunteer Mariola has made a wonderful video showing the great things our young volunteers got up to in 2013.

Where to next?

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In this blog article, Rory talks about the great times he's had volunteering at The Scottish Braille Press... and where he's going next in his volunteering career.

Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

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We have a special volunteering opportunity available. Mercy Corp UK are looking for people to volunteer to raise funds to help people affected by the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

Volunteering at the Volunteer Centre

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In this blog article, Lyndsay talks about what volunteering as a receptionist here at the Volunteer Centre means to her

A Different Conception of Volunteering

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In this blog article Marion talks about her experience of volunteering and differences about volunteering/third sector between France and Scotland.

The End of Youth

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In this blog article Pete talks about why age doesn't matter when it comes to volunteering

Being a Trustee is Great

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In this blog article Steff says her goodbyes to the Volunteer Centre and talks about Trustees Week 2013 and why being a trustee has been so eye-opening and rewarding for her.

Survey on Volunteering and Benefits

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A chance to win £30 of shopping vouchers! Our Health and Wellbeing Team are conducting a survey on volunteering and your experiences and views on welfare reform.

The Greatest Love Story of All Time

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In this blog article Craig talks about how one (fictional) man's act of volunteering led to the greatest love story of all time: The Terminator

Service Status

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This page will tell you about any known problems on our website.

My Volunteering Story

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In this blog our volunteers Rory tell us about his journey into volunteering and the part the Volunteer Centre had to play.

Volunteering That's Out of This World

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In this blog article Stephen talks about volunteering opportunities that are a little further from home than usual.

Digital Jobs and Paper Planes

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In this blog article Heather talks about the growing opportunities for digital workers for young people and how a paper plane can help you get one.

I Still Have a Dream

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In this blog article Jean talks about the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and how it still resonates today.

Lost at Sea

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In this blog article Lara talks about a good friend and environmentalist who is lost at sea. Please note that the opinions expressed are those of the individual author and not necessarily those of VCE.

Talking of Volunteering...

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Our regular blog where staff and volunteers talk about the work of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh and issues surrounding the third sector both in Edinburgh and the rest of the country. Please note that the opinions expressed are those of the individual author and not necessarily those of VCE.

Inspiring Volunteer Awards Winners 2013

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A list of the winners of the Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2013.

IiV Subsidy Scheme

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Do you value your volunteers? Prove it. Apply for up to £900 by 30 August 2013 to gain the UK gold standard for volunteer involvement, Investing in Volunteers!

Investors in Volunteers

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Once again we are accredited Investors in Volunteers. Come see what our volunteers have said about us.

Reflection On The Recruitment Fair

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Our Digital Media volunteer Neil McEwan interviewed people at our annual Volunteer Recruitment Fair and has written this article about it

VCE South Has Moved

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Volunteer Centre Edinburgh South has moved. But only round the corner.