18 Apr

The theme for this Evolve session is corporate volunteering. Corporate volunteering is an untapped resource, so if you are a Volunteer Manager and would like to le … Read more

CSVM Unit Five: Training your Volunteers

28 Mar

To get the most out of your volunteers and to make sure that they deliver the best service for your organisation you need to train them effectively. If you are inv … Read more

CSVM Unit Four: Challenges in Volunteering Management

12 Mar

Even the best run volunteer programmes sometimes experience problems. Volunteers can become unhappy, perform poorly or even break the rules. The impact can be seri … Read more

CSVM Unit Three: Supporting and Motivating Volunteers

5 Mar

Are you finding that you recruit volunteers who stay for a short while and then leave? Good volunteer involvement doesn’t stop when you sign them up. All volunteer … Read more


28 Feb

Bright Choices are offering free Honour-Based Violence (HBV) awareness training to increase the capacity of professionals in responding to cases and issues of hono … Read more

CSVM Unit Two: Recruiting and Selecting Volunteers

26 Feb

This course covers the essentials when devising a recruitment and selection plan for volunteers. Focusing on recruitment methods, marketing and how to address the … Read more

CSVM Unit One: Involving Volunteers

21 Feb

Using volunteers within your organisation not only means you can achieve more but involving volunteers brings a unique added value to any organisation. Good volunt … Read more

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