Membership, Impact Report, Annual Reports & Accounts

Nominations to the Board of Trustees 2017

As a member of Volunteer Edinburgh you can nominate yourself or someone from your organisation to become a trustee.

You can find more information on being a trustee here.

AGM 2017

Volunteer Edinburgh's AGM takes place on Tuesday 26 September at 5.15pm.

You might like to take a look at the agenda and our audited accounts.

Membership 2017-18

By becoming a member of Volunteer Edinburgh you can nominate and elect Board Members, stand as a Board member yourself and vote at our General Meetings.

For more information and to apply please download the Membership Form 2017-18.

Impact Report 2015

"I want to do something useful for mankind before I die. I enjoy what I do. We have a wonderful world and it is time I tried harder to fix it"
2015 Volunteer Survey

"As a result of volunteering I feel of worth and value and not a piece of rubbish to be discarded and forgotten"
2015 Health and Wellbeing Service Review

"The services are excellent overall. The website is a great recruiting tool and the support with managing volunteers is a big help"
2015 Organisations’ Service Review

This is what we do. We're delighted to share with you the 2015 Impact Report for Volunteer Edinburgh. 


Volunteer Edinburgh in Numbers - This infographic forms part of the Impact Report 2015 that you can view by clicking here.

Annual Report 2013

This is VCE's annual report - a short film reviewing our performance and impact over the year. To build the strength of volunteering in Edinburgh it took the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of our trustees, staff and 150 volunteers. We thought that they should get to tell their story, let them tell you what they are most proud of achieving and the impact that their work has had.

Audited Accounts

View Volunteer Edinburgh's latest audited accounts:

Volunteer Edinburgh Audited Accounts 2016
VCE Audited Accounts 2014
VCE Audited Accounts 2013